EXCLUSIVE: Clarks Logan City Bus Service is failing to communicate service changes and cancellations to network operator TransLink, causing delays for hundreds of passengers and risking spectators missing events at the upcoming Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


In what is becoming a daily norm for hundreds, if not thousands, of Logan region residents, Clarks Logan City Bus Service has not been communicating service changes and cancellations to the Queensland transport network operator. The result of this lack of communication is real-time updates not being made available on websites, apps and social media feeds.


Clarks, an operator of government funded services under the TransLink banner, runs a number of busy services from the Brisbane CBD to areas such as Loganholme, Beenleigh, Cornubia, Sparks Creek and Springwood.

Clarks Logan City Bus Service depot (image: The Mathieson Edition)

Issues experienced by commuters commonly waiting for a range of Clarks services from Brisbane include, unexplained delays or cancellations, services changes and mismarked buses.


Commuters are also frustrated that information is not being made available to them on a range of websites, apps and social media feeds that have been designed for this purpose.


“I have just become used to not knowing and having to wait for my bus,” one Clarks passenger told me on Thursday.


“The number of times I have been late getting home to get my kids, I couldn’t count. It’s really annoying and I can’t get information anywhere,” said another.

TransLink funded Clarks Logan City bus service (image: The Mathieson Edition)

A spokesperson from the Department of Transport and Main Roads told The Mathieson Edition that the onus remains with operators to communicate service changes and delays to Translink with hotlines set up for this purpose.


“Bus drivers report delays on the network to their operations base, who in turn directly inform TransLink using a dedicated phone number and/or email. Likewise service changes or cancellations are reported by the operator directly to TransLink,” the spokesperson told The Mathieson Edition.


While it is understandable for some services to be running behind schedule due to traffic congestion and accidents on arterial routes into the city, the lack of communication and removal of real-time tracking from services has become a real problem.

A regular experience for Clarks commuters (image: Go Brisbane)

Over the past two months there have been a number of major delays on routes including Windaroo 566 service, Cornubia 571, Loganholme 555 and P569 services.


Services not arriving, significant delays of over 15 minutes and real-time tracking being deactivated has become a regular occurrence for many passengers waiting for services home of an afternoon.


In one instance I boarded a bus marked as a Windaroo 566 service, along with many others, only to have the driver change the destination of the bus during the trip. This resulted in myself and others having to change buses at Loganholme and waiting for over 15 minutes for a connecting service.


With the opening ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games only a matter of days away, the lack of communication and notifications has the real potential of causing significant problems for anyone attempting to travel to an event.


The Queensland government and Games organising committee have spent millions of dollars on advertisements attempting to get spectators to leave the car at home and catch public transport, a request that may be undermined by service operators not communicating changes.


Clarks Logan City Bus Service did not respond to a request for comment.

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