What a Year!

Mattie and I shared a bittersweet time together over the past twelve months. After entering the year on the beautiful and tranquil Magnetic Island, we were both glowing after getting engaged on New Year’s Eve. Plans for our wedding will kick off once Australia welcomes equal marriage laws for same-sex couples.

In June we gathered our things and made the move of a lifetime after buying a townhouse in Beenleigh, Queensland. Mattie and Babs both settled into the new house really well, and I have loved making the house a home for us all.

I have a garden!

The impact of making such a big move is one of the things that I will be writing a little about next year. Stay tuned for my (very influential) opinions about the Sunshine State and where it is falling down in many important areas, plus a few pieces on all the weird and wonderful.

The loss of a gentleman…

Geoffrey Love (4 April 1956 – 17 September 2016)

Vale Geoffrey Arthur Love.

It has been a hard slog returning to writing following the death of Mattie’s father in September.

Geoff was a gentlemen through and through, he was a wealth of knowledge and had a lot of love in his heart.

I will often recall the long talks he would give Mattie and I on the most bizarre topics. Whether it birds, the Beetles, flora and fauna or pools and insects, he would always have a story to tell and a joke to make.

Royal National Park – Sydney

I will miss you Geoff, especially now in the festive season. Each Boxing Day Mattie and I would spend the day with Geoff laughing, drinking and in some cases listening to Geoff sing the Beetles.

At his funeral Mattie and I were amazed by the number of people who we spoke to who had great stories about him. Each and every person spoke of his kind nature and his honest friendship. From fixing a gym friends wardrobe, to doing everyone’s pest control and pool water testing, he always went without for the benefit of others.

But with every challenge in life there are lessons learnt…

When we lose a loved one it will often test people and especially families. Stress, mourning and shock are all emotions that are experienced during the healing we all undergo following a loss.

This is not a time where I can do anything to make everything ok. This kills me.

I am forever grateful to my family and friends for being so very supportive. You know who you are and I will be forever in your debt.

You will be missed Geoffrey Arthur Love, rest in peace.


Merry Christmas to all and I hope you have a truly amazing New Year!

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