Since laws have been changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, it has been a very exciting time for many gay and lesbian couples planning their big day. Many people headed straight out to tie the knot, while others started the very daunting process of planning a day they would remember for the rest of their lives.


I am a part of the latter group of people. While my fiancé Matthew and I have been together for 11 years, we wanted to plan a day that we, and our beautiful family and friends, could remember for the rest of our lives.


Now the planning has started for a wedding in 2019, the stress that this has created has become, at times, unbearable.

I know weddings are stressful at the best of times, however, spare a thought for all the gay couples out there who are renowned for being fabulous and making a scene. We don’t do things by halves. We make a scene and are proud of it. People have an expectation that we need to have a bigger and better celebration in the keeping of our traditional vanues.


Take James Brechney and Stuart Henshall as an example. These two grooms celebrated their wedding atop a float in this year’s Mardi Gras. Over 300,000 on lookers, 15,000 dancers and activists marching them down the aisle that was Oxford Street, and Cher singing the night away at their reception, aka Mardi Gras after party.


This has set a mightily high standard for gay weddings, not that I have any ability to top this spectacular event, but the pressure is on to impress the many friends and family who will celebrate our day with us.


While some may read this article and think, ‘oh my god, again a gay is making a mountain out of a mole hill,’ you may indeed be correct, but as with everything we do, a scene has to be made!


But as a tip, please don’t type ‘a gay making a scene’ into google for an image search. You may not get the images you are expecting…

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