GOLD COAST: Traffic warnings made by the Queensland and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games organising committee has scared off thousands of tourists and locals expected to head to Surfers Paradise during GC2018, costing businesses much needed income.


In scenes reminiscent of the London Olympic Games in 2012, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie urged tourists and locals to ‘get here’, to areas such as Surfers Paradise which have suffered massive declines in the number of people visiting the area.


“What we need to do is say there is capacity, even on the roads. I could get into trouble even for saying that, but you can get here, you can get parks, get into the local restaurants, go to the local bars,” Mr Beattie said on Sunday.


The government and organising committee spent millions of dollars on warning people off coming to the Gold Coast and roads, asking people to take public transport and work from home, instead of traveling to the Gold Coast area during the games period.


It appears that the message has backfired with many locals and spectators staying away from the area and leaving as soon as events are over.


“If you’re in Brisbane and you’re worried, come down, there’s plenty of space,” the former premier went on to say.


In London during the Olympic games in 2012, organisers also made an appeal for locals to come back to the city after many heeded messages made before the games to also stay at home and not to travel unless required.

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